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90 Day Make Me Famous Coaching Cohort


Let’s get your calendar filled and your image upgraded. • Maximizing Your Marketing Budget Master the art of efficient and effective marketing strategies that make the most of your budget. Explore innovative approaches to reach your target audience online and offline • Content Creation Mastery for Online Visibility Unleash your creativity and learn how to craft killer content that captivates your audience. Discover the secrets behind creating visually compelling blog posts, videos, social media content, and more. • Expand Your Digital Footprint Learn 3 unique ways to make sure you are showing up strong on the internet outside of depending on Facebook and Instagram. • Upgrading Your Marketing Materials Align your brand to make sure you reach your target audience in a few quick steps Standardize your content so your brand is recognized quickly. • Create a 12-month Offer & Product Niche-based Calendar I will walk you through creating a sales calendar for 2024 that will keep you booked and banking. • Maximizing Online and Offline Visibility Whether your speaking events are paid or free, develop your unique speaker marketing package

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