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Three FREE Apps to help you $AVE money in Tough Economic Times

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

With this economy and government shutdowns, we all are looking for ways to save money wherever we can. I recently came across a few apps that I use to minimize my payouts and maximize my savings. All of these app are absolutely FREE.

1. Life Info

Save money on everyday purchases, learn Financial Literacy, develop your leadership and earning potential, and use mobile tools to help you live the life you’ve always wanted.

When I first heard about this app it was late December 2018. I was impressed by what it offered. I use all of the Financial Fitness Services. But I was especially excited about it offering the ability to shop not only online but at retail stores and save a percentage off of my bill. After you set up the app and set up your payment method it is smooth sailing to your savings.

This is how it works at a retail store:

  1. Have cashier ring up your items

  2. Open your Life app and fins the store you are shopping at (you will see the percentage off next to the store name)

  3. Enter the amount of your total bill

  4. Complete the transaction in your Life App

  5. A bar code will appear on your phone app

  6. The cashier will scan the code

Viola, you just saved some moola for FREE.

Savings percentage range from about 2% - 50% at certain retailers

Saving dollar range from $1 to $25 or more at certain retailers

Remember every dollar counts.


2. Cash Back Mall

Join the CashBack Mall and enjoy discounts at hundreds of online stores and thousands of local restaurants and get up to 30% CashBack on all their purchases!! A few weeks ago, I sent flowers to a friend. I signed into the CashBack Mall and selected a flower vendor. this particular vendor paid 10% cash back. I just found a taste of New Orleans outing I want to purchase for my husband and I. Not only is it on sale, but I'll get cash back too. Travel, office supplies, movies, you name it. You can even get up to 5% cash back on Groupon's already reduced prices.

BROWSE THE CASHBACK MALL & Register for Free Account

3. Travel for Less - As close to FREE as travel can be.

This app is amazing for those of you who love to travel. As an invited FREE member, you can share in up to 50% off on trips that you would normally book on Expedia. This app by-passes the price parity (agreement between online travel companies to keep their prices compatible) and passes the savings on to you. As a member, I can give you access to savings on cruises, rental cars, hotel stays, and weekly stays at all inclusive resorts all around the world.

Request a Free Account

P.S. to use the discounted travel is FREE. however the company offers a way to earn 70% off and earn commission on trips booked when you share the app with others. (Send a message on this page for info on that part)

Well, these are three of the apps that I use to save on my purchases. They have have strong savings components, but offer a way for you to not only save, but earn extra money and save on your taxes. I hope you can use some of these apps to keep more of your money in your pocket. If you need any help with the apps, please reach out to me and I will make sure to get the information to you.

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