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A Miracle Can Get You Back on Track

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

A sign is a signal or an indicator as a navigational tool. Just like a traffic sign or a sign on a highway, miracles can be signs that point us in the right direction. They are signs toward the will of God when we get off track. The prophet Jonah experienced this type of miracle. Jonah willfully ran in the opposite direction of the will of God. As a result, God created a great fish that swallowed him up. Biblical scholars most often refer to this great fish as a whale. Whales, namely humpback whales, are known for their navigational skills. They know how to get to their destination with almost perfect accuracy.6 (This may explains God’s choice, knowing the whale would not rebel in another direction like Jonah did.) When we move away from the will of God, He may create a dark place to swallow us up. This place is not for the purpose of killing us, but it give us the space and the time to come to our senses and realize we

need to get back on the road to the will of God.


I don't know about you, but I feel that it’s about time for a miracle. Since creation, God has been interjecting miracles into the lives of His people. Miracles transcend all economic, social, mental, spiritual, emotional and educational barriers. Miracles are not based on the extremity of your need, but in most cases, the extremity of your faith’s desire for a miracle. If you need a miracle, this book will be a constant reminder of God’s miracle-working power. By sharing Biblical insight and supporting scriptures, your faith, desire, and expectation for the miraculous will be stimulated and grow. Page after page will prove to be a wind of inspiration and hope that fans the fire for miracles to flow in your life.

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