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Don't Stop Dreaming

Since I was a child I have always been a dreamer. I believed the impossible was possible. I believe that things will work out. There was nothing I thought I couldn’t do. One thing life tries to do is snuff out your dreams and your ability to dream.

Life will try to fool you and say “You can’t..., You don’t have enough to…., You don’t know enough.“ But it is all a lie. Don’t let these negative words and thoughts discourage you, especially when it seems like your dreams are not coming together. I have learned that sometimes, most of the time, God gives us an early edition. He shows us a magnificent ending. But this dream might not manifest overnight it could take months, even years. I am reminded of Joseph in the Bible. His dreams took 15 years to manifest.During that time, God was educating and developing him to be able to fill the shoes of where He was taking him. I have a few dreams that have recently shown sparks of life. I dreamed them in my 20s and 30s. Now on the porch of 50, I have more wisdom, insight and maturity to handle them. Take your dreams, act on them by writing the vision that you see. Don’t be too anxious, but don’t miss opportunities when they present themselves. Then see what God manifests. Dreams do come true, some tomorrow, some in a few months others years from now. No matter the time don’t stop believing and definitely don’t stop dreaming.

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