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Three Types of Fear that Tried to Keep Me From My Dreams.

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Don't Let FEAR Cheat You Out of Your DREAMS.

When I first started in business I faced three types of fear:

1) Fear of failure - I talked myself out of some great opportunities by thinking about all of the things that could go wrong. I had to shift my thinking to what could go right? What if I did well? What if I really applied myself? How would that change my life?

2) Fear of lack - My mind was focused on what I "might" lose. I might lose the money I invested. I might lose time. The reality was I was already losing. Missing many of the benefits of being in business. I had to learn to look at the potential for gain not just the potential for loss.

3) Fear of man - I was afraid of rejection. What if no one wants what I have? What if they say no? I had to realize that my reach is not limited. There is an audience that wants what I have to offer. I just have to discover them and get in their way.

Overall, FEAR is a deceiver and a distraction that will keep us from reaching our goals in business and in life. I'm not saying blindly jump into things, but what I am saying is I refused to allow fear to keep me separated from a successful future.

What types of fear have tried to stop you from starting your business, growing your business or following your dreams?

Have you mapped out your 10-year vision?

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