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My Black Is Beautiful

This is a great poem I found on Pinterest

From the color of my skin, to the texture of my hair

to the length of my strands, to the breadth of my smile

To the stride of my gait, to the span of my arms, to the depth

of my bosom, to the curve of my hips, to the glow of my skin..

My black is beautiful

It cannot be denied. It will not be contained.

And only I will define it.

For when I look in my mirror, my very soul cries out,

My black is beautiful

And so today, I speak it out loud, unabashedly,

I declare it anew.

My black is beautiful

Whether celebrated, imitated, exploited, or denigrated

Whether natural from inside or skillfully applied

My black is beautiful.

To my daughters, my sisters, my nieces, my cousins,

my colleagues and my friends,

I speak for us all when I say again,

My Black is Beautiful From a Proctor and Gambling Initiative from 2006

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