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Self Love: Love Yourself: God wants you to in order to love your neighbor

Updated: Feb 11


Insights from Celeste Payne's Empowerment Sessions

In the world of endless hustle and external validations, Celeste Payne brings a refreshing perspective on self-love through her latest episode of Empowerment Sessions. As an acclaimed author, educator, and artist, Payne delves into the heart of self-appreciation, motivating her audience to embark on a journey of loving themselves more deeply.

The episode, sponsored by the Global Institute of Church and Marketplace Prophets, not only offers wisdom but also practical steps towards embracing one's true worth.

Celeste Payne, known for her bestselling book "I Love Me Some Me," shares her personal journey from struggling with self-esteem to discovering the strength in self-acceptance. She emphasizes that loving oneself isn't just a feel-good mantra but a fundamental aspect of living a fulfilled life. Payne's insights are rooted in her belief that a strong relationship with oneself enhances one's ability to love and serve others more effectively.

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The episode covers a variety of topics, including dispelling myths around self-love, understanding its scriptural backing, and exploring the benefits of embracing one's strengths. Payne argues that recognizing and valuing oneself as God's creation isn't arrogance but a pathway to genuine empowerment. She highlights that a healthy self-esteem leads to a life lived with purpose and without fear.

Through her book, "I Love Me Some Me: Five Steps to a Healthier View of You," Payne offers a structured approach to building self-love. The steps include appreciating your strengths, affirming yourself, eliminating negative self-talk, dealing with toxic relationships, and encouraging others. These steps are designed to foster a positive self-image and empower individuals to contribute meaningfully to their communities.


Featured Guest

Yolanda McElroy

Yolanda McElroy is an Ohio native and a graduate of the Ohio State University. She is the owner and founder of MochaPrism LLC. Her debut book is 'Ten Fingers, Ten Toes' - a cute, little picture book for children. She is glad that you found her work! She is also a prophetic poet that write poetry as a reflection of her relationship with God.

For more information, connect with Yolanda at

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