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Seven things negative people will do to you.

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Every person has toxic relationships in their life. People who constantly criticize. Who never stop complaining. Who only focus on the negative. Who dump all their problems on others.

These toxic relationships are INCREDIBLY detrimental to self-esteem. They make you feel bad all the time and put a dark cloud over your head.

Israelmore Ayivor said:

7 things negative people will do to you.

They will...

1. Demean your value

2. Destroy your image

3. Drive you crazily

4. Dispose your dreams

5. Discredit your imagination

6. Defame your abilities

7. Disbelieve your opinions

This is why negative people must be, if not eliminated from your life, then drastically minimized. They will drag you down, crush your self-esteem, and leave you miserable.

It’s time for you to SURROUND yourself with people who affirm and value you. With people who love you for who YOU are. This doesn't mean they celebrate you all day and don't tell you the truth, but at the core, they are on your side and want the best for you.

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