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Spelling Help for Emerging Readers

Empowerment Sessions today announced My Amazing Spelling Dictionary: A personal dictionary, word wall, workbook and word building resource for emerging readers & writers. Created by author, artist, and educator Celeste M. Payne, My Amazing Spelling Dictionary offers a new way to empower students to be confident when writing stories, essays and constructed responses.

“When I taught elementary school, I noticed the students struggled to remember how words were spelled which made it difficult for them when writing essays and constructed responses,” says Payne.

With the sudden closure of schools during the global COVID-19 pandemic, this book can actually reinforce what students have already learned and support parents who are navigating home based education.

Features and benefits of My Amazing Spelling Dictionary include:

  • Nearly 800 pre-printed words and space for 200 new words.

  • A series of pages with vowel pairs, consonant blends, color shapes and other important word groups.

  • 26 Individual animal alphabet pages with high frequency words and space to write new words

  • 75-pages interactive spelling fun

My Amazing Spelling Dictionary was made available March 25, 2020, at $8.99 For more information on My Amazing Spelling Dictionary, visit or on Amazon at

About Author, Artist, and Educator Celeste Payne:

Celeste Payne has been an educator for nearly a decade. She ho

Celeste Payne - Author, Artist, Educator

lds a B.A. degree in Art from North Carolina Central University, studied Computer Mediated Art Education at The Ohio State University and was certified as a K-6 teacher at the University of Florida. As a K-5 teacher, she taught reading, writing, math, science and social studies with a twist of art and creativity. Payne prides herself in creating differentiated instruction that supports student success. She currently serves as a high school visual and graphic arts teacher.

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