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The Time to Go After My Dreams is Now!

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

I have been given power to create the life I desire. I want to fulfill my purpose and see my dreams come true so each day I work on at least one task toward accomplishing my life goals.

I make plans each morning to consider my goals. I think about what I can do today to move closer toward the things I want to achieve. I think about how I have been given the gift of another day and plan to use it to my best advantage.

I embrace my responsibility in making things happen each day.

My confidence increases as the day goes on because I know I am working toward my dreams. Today, my dreams are more within my reach. I want to try to reach for the stars and achieve my life goals.

I realize that I might occasionally alter my dream a bit. Recognizing that I hold an important part in creating whatever life I choose for myself is powerful. This knowledge causes me to think deeply about the things I truly want in life. Sometimes, those things change.

Today, my plan is to write down my life goals. I want my dreams to be very clear to me so I can take action to get closer to living them each day.

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