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These Premises are Protected by Prayer

Here are a few declarations to speak over your home and your family. Ending a prayer with declarations is really powerful. My son and I spoke forth daily last year as I drove him to school.


  • My household is solid and unshakable, because it is built on Jesus.

  • My household is a righteous household and therefore God blesses it. Matthew 7:25

  • My household is unified in vision, purpose, goals and actions, therefore we stand strong. Matthew 12:25

  • No drama, travesty, tragedy, sickness or plague shall come near my household

  • God is the builder of my home. Hebrews 3:4

  • No panic will be in our home because we rely on God. Is 28:16

  • My home is a peaceful undisturbed place of rest. Is. 32:8

  • Everyone in my house willingly and joyfully serves the Lord. Joshua 24:25

  • Finances do not cause us stress, but rather strengthen and expand our faith.

  • We have multiple positive and prosperous streams of income. Ecc 11:2

  • We are givers and others give blessings back to us in ways we do not expect. Luke 6:38

  • We receive (put your number here) into our financial accounts daily.

  • Our finances help fund the kingdom and kingdom initiatives.

  • Whatever we need, we confidently ask God for it, knowing He will provide James 1:5

  • Our needs are met, we experience overflow. We have more than enough to maintain ourselves and to serve others.

  • We trust God and He maintains us and sustains us.

I pray this is a blessing to you and your house!


In the post I tagged 2 resources that maybe helpful for you or your family. God Has A Miracle for You A few years ago, I did a bible study on the miracles of the bible. There is a whole section on miracles for families. It is available in paperback and e-book. Check it out here

9 Steps to Forgiving Letting Go and Moving On If you or someone you know is struggling with forgiveness, this easy read has 9 practical tips and a space to journal. View it on your mobile device or desktop or print it out. Check it out here


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