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Learn Strategies to gain one million YouTube Subscribers -Video Course

6 Easy Videos that outline strategies for growing your YouTube  subscribers

  • Video 1: Intro

  • Video 2: Getting your first 100 subscribers

  • Video 3: Getting your first 1000 subscribers

  • Video 4: Getting to 100,000 subscribers

  • Video 5: One million subcribers

  • Video 6: Unorthodox ways to gain subscribers.

The Power of Belief

Creating a Foundation to Move Your Vision Forward


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92% of people give up on their dreams. We believe that negative circumstances, the feelings or words of others and even our own insecurities cause us to doubt and walk away from our dreams or at least back up from them. Either way, without a strong belief in your self and your ability to carry forth your vision, your dreams may never become a reality.


In this webinar, we will create a Belief Statement that:

  • Confronts your doubts and validates you

  • Pulls experience and expertise from all areas of your life (education, on-the-job training, life experiences, and spiritual education.We also include experience you have gained from other sources like volunteering, playing sports and social organizations.)


Your Belief Statement is a living document that will serve as the foundation for writing your 10-year vision. Whether you realize it or not, you have been equipped in a diversity of ways to not only carry your dream but to live it out. Meet you on the webinar.

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